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Encouraging, pragmatic and Christ-centered teaching for ordinary families... 
especially the weird ones
like us.



Cory and Lori are passionate teachers of youth and their families. Cory’s style tends toward storytelling where the listener is engaged and ends up with a deeply exegetical sermon they may not have seen coming. Lori is teacher-storyteller using context to bring the content to life. Cory sees stories in every moment. Lori struggles to find an applicable one until she hears Cory tell one and then corrects it for him.


Authenticity is a big deal for Lori and Cory. When looking at the “modern ordinary family,” this means every family is different and made up of a whole lot of different. When we recognize that “normal” is different for each of us and are willing to talk about it, candidly, the goal of deeper community and shared success is achieved.

Cory and Lori almost always approach projects from different starting places. When they converted a school bus to an RV (skoolie) they quickly learned that they could do anything together. Right after they decided who’s way they were going to use, that time.


Cory is an out-of-the-box thinker. He kind of hates boxes as well as doing, or often eating, the same thing too many times. He loves learning and sharing, new things.

Lori is a researcher and a planner who loves ruts. She loves fast cars, (mostly classic Corvettes) and deep talks with kids about their wonderings.

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